YS-61XAF Powder packing machine

YS-61XAF 粉末包装机


The machine is suitable for  the food, medicine, chemical industry, cosmetics industry of powder of measurement packing.


All the works of bag making,measuring,filling,sealing,cutting and counting can be done automatically,at the same time,it can also according to the demand of customers printing batch number and other functions.

3、触摸屏操作,PLC 控制,驱动步进电机控制袋长,性能稳定、调整方便、检测准确。智能式温控仪,PID调节,保证将温度的误差范围控制在1℃以内。

The touch screen operation, PLC control, drive stepper motor to control the bag length,stable performance,easy to adjust and accurate detection.Choose the intelligent temperature controller and PID control to ensure the error range of temperature controlled within 1 degree Centigrade.


Packing materialBOPP/Polyethylene, Aluminium/Polyethylene, Paper/Polyethylene,

                Polyester/Aluminizer/Polyethylene, Nylon/CPP and so on.

封口方式 Sealing Type

三边封口           四边封口      背封封口

Three sides Sealing/ Four sides Sealing/ Back sealing



Technical Parameters


计量范围:1 - 100 g

Measuring Scope

制袋尺寸:长( L )  :  30 - 170 mm

Bag Size ( W )  :  30 - 130 mm

包装速度:30 - 70 bags/min

Packing Speed

外型尺寸:990 * 730* 1620 mm

Dimension ( L * W * H )

整机重量:230 kg


总 功 率:220V / 50-60Hz / 2.5kw

Total Power